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non-competition agreements, trade secrets and unfair competition

When a corporate officer or key employee leaves one organization to join or form a competing company, the former employer often must react quickly to protect the former employer's legal rights. Marshall & Kellow has experience dealing with non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, trade secret protections and unfair competition, which experience is critical to safeguarding your rights. Non-Competition agreements may be common in today's world, but enforcing them depends on a number of complex factors. Trade Secrets and other competitively sensitive information can be a company's most valuable asset, and when a key employee has walked out the door with them, protecting those assets often requires decisive action. On the other hand, if your company has hired an employee who formerly worked for a competitor, or you left an employer to start a competing business, you may need to defend your rights to work and/or compete when faced with a lawsuit that seems targeted, not to protect valid rights, but rather to harass and interfere with your new business. Sometimes a company may try to get an edge on its competitors by using their trade secrets to unfairly compete. In such cases, quick and assertive action can avoid immeasurable harm. Marshall & Kellow has the experience and knowledge to go after those who would try to gain a competitive advantage through unfair means, including the improper use of your trade secrets.